In his Autumn before the Winter, comes man’s last, mad surge of youth.

For those of you who’ve arrived here wondering what The Chameleons were on about…the quote is from a 1946 movie called “Two Sister from Boston.” For your next trick find out the name of the movie sampled on “Prisoners of The Sun” (for which we will always be supremely grateful to Jo Struthers, long may she reign).


Those of you in the know, or indeed any of you that can perform simple mental arithmetic, may be aware that this year is the 40th Anniversary of Adrian Harrington Rare Books!

In honour of this momentous occasion, and also to underline the miracle that is me still having gainful employment, we will be making a number of changes/improvements/unearthly upheavals in what has previously been known as our status quo.

First off: brand new website, pretty pictures, laughable portraits of staff, beautiful books of all shapes, sizes and fields! Please visit and tell us what you think:

Then: expanding our ability to bother you onto Facebook (Adrian Harrington Rare Books…come be our friend, on the interweb it is possible to skirt such issues as dubious personal hygiene, unwise facial hair and an obsession with early nineteenth century perversity!).

More: an exciting and gripping series of blog articles including (amongst many other topics): A working glossary of the antiquarian and rare book trade (because even we don’t know what a “Floated Copy” is, unless it’s a book that’s been read in the bath);

An examination, explanation and illustration of certain types of binding from Scottish Wheel, through Cottage Roof to jobbing eighteenth century straight grain morocco (because “Cosway by Bayntun Riviere” sounds like a Crufts dog pedigree);

Our book of the week, because we always have at least one, and you should too;

Book news in general; what fairs we’re attending, how you can get free tickets or invitations, what to look out for and what happens to us while we’re there. For example this year, for the first time, we are attending the Baltimore Summer Antiques Fair (first shout of “Omar comin’ y’all!” and I am right back on the plane).

(as an aside to that above comment: see here and be impressed)

In addition, if there’s anything you wish to ask, see or have explained feel free to drop us a comment, or an email and we will do our utmost to be as helpful as people with our rudimentary people skills can be.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Us!


About bibliodeviant

This is the journal of Jonathan Kearns Rare Books & Curiosities, and all who sail in her. Information, updates, rantings, musings and pretty pictures related (loosely I would imagine) to the world of rare and antiquarian books will be brought to you by a number of different personalities, some of whom cohabit in the same person's head. We welcome queries, comments and contributions of virtually any description, and in return we will attempt to rein in our multitudinous personality disorders and deliver wonders and joys beyond compare. At least that's the plan. View all posts by bibliodeviant

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