Adorable Bookdealers of The World #50

Ken Sanders Rare Books (“Creating Chaos Out of Anarchy for a Better Tomorrow”…which has definite shades of  “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh…”).

Because, like the human heart, cool will have its way with you.

The books…Holy Cthulhu this chap has some delicious books…I bought an Edward Gorey cut out theatrical production of Dracula off him, a signed Mark Ryden “Tree Show”, a small musical book and a collection of calling cards for 19th century steam driven robots…really, and a tiny “12 days of hallowe’en” thingy that I just couldn’t keep walking past.

Plus, the best part…he looks like this:

copyright the highly talented Chris Detrick!

"That's correct, I am all the wisdom. Come in, have a drink."


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