Other Bookdealers Blog Too…2

I just went to pick up the link to Between The Covers Rare Books Inc and their blog here

while I was there I just happened to visit the About Us page where bookdealers usually drone on about how Yale/Oxford were lovely and how their good friend Martin Amis/Graham Swift/Erasmus of Rotterdam said a funny thing once… and instead found this bookseller profile:

“Ashley Wildes
is part My Little Pony and Selkie. She was raised by wolves until Dennis and Miriam Wildes found her one fateful day and decided to bring her up as their own in the too small town of Pitman, NJ, where she survived by reading the Chronicles of Narnia and watching Star Wars ad nauseam. At university she decided she never wanted to make money…ever, thus choosing as her majors writing arts and classical guitar. Naturally this led to several lucrative careers including, but not limited to, guitar teacher, waitress, and unpaid writing for numerous free magazines before eventually landing a job as a trucker for an auto parts company. After a year she was unable to cope with the glamorous life that is delivering auto parts, so our young heroine thought it may be time to move on. However, employers were not exactly breaking down the door. It seemed only right that the next course of action should be to become a hobo. To the eternal gratitude of Tom and Heidi, Matt called Ashley to apprise her of the wondrous opportunities that awaited her in the rare book world. Now she splits her time cataloging at Between the Covers and being a punk rock singer/guitarist in the band Dear Althea. She also writes young adult novels, consumes vast amounts of sugar, and lives in Philadelphia with her cat Mercutio. If you want to bribe her for any reason please send a pony, preferably of the Shetland variety, and Swedish Fish to BTC, and she will take your request into consideration. ”

I have mentioned her before here and there, and Magister  Tom Congleton and the wondrous Heidi (which I realise makes her sound a bit like a magician’s assistant, for which I do apologise)…but should anyone ever think that the rare book trade is made up entirely of tweed clad disciples of the cult of intellectual disdain on the one hand and ridiculous walking works of fiction like myself on the other…go visit Between the Covers, the future of rare books (at least the more modern ones) is apparently in safe hands.

Plus: snazzy graphics...


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