Quick Blog Recommendation Post

These are always worth a look:

Rare Book Collections @ Princeton (Princeton…gasp!)

Bookride (The Great and Grand Mr. Burwood)

Bookshop Blog

http://rippingyarnsbookshop.blogspot.com/ Interesting blog, been quiet for a bit, great shop though, you’re probably best  off following the prolific Jen  here: 

The splendid Lux Mentis!



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This is the journal of Jonathan Kearns Rare Books & Curiosities, and all who sail in her. Information, updates, rantings, musings and pretty pictures related (loosely I would imagine) to the world of rare and antiquarian books will be brought to you by a number of different personalities, some of whom cohabit in the same person's head. We welcome queries, comments and contributions of virtually any description, and in return we will attempt to rein in our multitudinous personality disorders and deliver wonders and joys beyond compare. At least that's the plan. View all posts by bibliodeviant

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