Adorable Bookdealers of the World #176

No list would be complete without mention of some of the smaller, family run bookshops:

Bauman Rare Books!!!

Not every book-dealer can aspire to the dizzy heights of say…us, many shops, Baumans amongst them have to settle for only having a couple of First Folio Shakespeares, a mere handful of Nuremberg Chronicles and Hypnerotomachia Polyphili (Polyphiliii?). Not to mention this and this!

Their staff are highly trained, beautifully presented and mind-bogglingly knowledgeable sure, and their shops are beautiful and packed with treasures and…plural…but really? Who needs that when you can have me; smelling faintly of cider, rattling on interminably about William Hope Hodgson and looking as if I got dressed in the dark from the contents of a late 70’s Marshall Ward catalogue.

There’s also this:

This image is not the image you're looking for...that image has gone...gone I tell you!

Yes, you are seeing that right, I thought I was drunk too. Although in all fairness to the ever professional Mr. Hilbert he’s not to know what less fortunate people with access to photo-shop get up to. Lord knows there’s probably some images of me floating around out there that make me look responsible, adult and/or human! Perish the thought…

Although there aren’t many bookdealers with enough clout to get gently lampooned in Esquire Magazine!


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