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The world that JRR Tolkien created in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings owes much of its success to its sheer, rich, vastness. If feels as if one can endlessly study histories, languages, and mythologies associated with this world. Can you imagine how intimidating it would have been to start out with such a huge project in mind? But Tolkien didn’t start out that way. He started by making up languages.



The first time Tolkien heard a made-up language spoken, he had overheard two childhood friends speaking a language they called Animalic. Essentially, animal names were almost exclusively used as the vocabulary for every aspect of the language. Tolkien cites an example of “dog nightingale woodpecker forty” as meaning ‘you are an ass.’ (“Forty” in Animalic meant ‘donkey’ or ‘ass,’ and “donkey” meant ‘forty.’) However soon he and his friends graduated to a more complex system.

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