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De humani corporis fabrica libri septem by Andreas Vesalius, 1514-1564 ; Wood-engravings by J.S. van Calcar
‘On the fabric of the human body ‘ by the Brussels born physician Andreas Vesalius (Andries van Wesel) marks the birth of the anatomy as a science. It contains an elaborate, accurate, clearly constructed and illustrated account of the dissections by the author.  Empirical research replaces the customary reiteration of accepted views from classical antiquity, especially those of Galen  (AD 129–c. 200/c. 216)
This book is especially enjoyed by work experience students who are excited by a very old book. with a familiar author if they have recently been studying history of science at school. One visitor from Brazil  was interested in all the 15th century books as it would seem they were published before his country was discovered!

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