Rare Books 101, Part IV: Handling Rare Books

This basically covers a lot of useful stuff:

Official Website of Rebecca Romney

Don’t be afraid. Be careful, but don’t be afraid.


This is Part IV of my Rare Books 101 Series. If you are new to the Series, you can read the other articles here:

Part I: Basics
Part II: Editions
Part III: Storage


I often see a contradictory mix of emotions on a person’s face when I hand him a first edition copy of his favorite book. Joy, elation, sure. But also surprise (you’re letting me touch this?), and fear. Friends, I understand and even appreciate the impulse not to want to touch an object worth thousands of dollars that you do not own. But I’m giving you permission. And you can be sure I won’t let you do anything to hurt that baby.


First, let’s get the white glove silliness out of the way. We don’t wear white gloves. They lead to more damage than protection…

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