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I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts on all things books over the past few months. If you want more, I can now oblige you. Bauman Rare Books has started a blog!



A number of the Bauman rare book experts (including me) will be contributing posts on thematic miniseries. I am also one of the editors, so if you like my blog, I think you’ll enjoy BRB’s.


The current miniseries are:
Sex, Drugs & Books by Abby Schoolman: Her first post is Repressed and Suppressed.


The Best Illustrated Books You’ve Never Heard Of by Embry Clark: Her first post is Timlin: The Ship that Sailed to Mars.


Legends of Photography by Sean Samuels: His first post is The Original Exquisite Sin.


Please visit us at:


I hope you enjoy it.




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