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Continuing my (unplanned and unheralded) theme of ritual magic books, let’s take a look at a book Aleister Crowley actually wrote himself (rather than sneaking round his library): Magick in Theory and Practice by The Master Therion (being part III of Book 4). Paris: Lecram Press, 1929:

The genesis of this work was quite a few years before. The part of the title in brackets is the clue: a dissemination of the Great Work over four books. Travelling with his ‘Scarlet Woman’ of the time, (a magical partner – he went through quite a few of these, some he was with for much longer than others. The concept had a long history: the alchemists Nicolas Flamel and Thomas Vaughan both worked with their wives for example, but the big influence for Crowley I think was the partnership of S. L. MacGregor Mathers and his wife Moina – but we’ll save that…

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