Post Haste

Nice piece about the Olympia Book Fair, what I was at.

The Bookhunter on Safari

BookmanA short post this week – mainly pictures (click to enlarge).  At full stretch here at Tooting Towers with so much on.  Just got back from a very happy afternoon showing some rare book librarians around some of the bookshops of Cecil Court.  Everyone there in good form.  Handover meeting in the morning as the new quartet take over the ABA Newsletter from tomorrow.  House to tidy for Saturday’s big event.  London Rare Books School next week – some completely new lessons, lectures and powerpoint presentations to prepare this year.

I’ll deal with the business of continuing to issue old-fashioned printed catalogues another time – do people still read them?  Certainly mine aren’t working in anything like the way they used to.  Are illustrations now compulsory? – and what does that do to the time, cost and economics of producing them?  I may have to have a rethink on…

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