The Great Work (Starts Again)

Sad news for us, great news for Magister Cowl!

Magister's Bookshelf

Oh well, I knew it couldn’t last… As from now I’m working for myself. I’ve left the London book shop and struck out on my own. You can’t buy all the lovely occult books that come your way with someone elses money for ever – now I’ll have to use my own somewhat lesser buying power.

This blog will continue of course – still plenty of gorgeous and intriguing books to show you – but there might be a bit of a pause while I get my business up and running. I’ll add links to my new site soon. Wish me luck!

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This is the journal of Jonathan Kearns Rare Books & Curiosities, and all who sail in her. Information, updates, rantings, musings and pretty pictures related (loosely I would imagine) to the world of rare and antiquarian books will be brought to you by a number of different personalities, some of whom cohabit in the same person's head. We welcome queries, comments and contributions of virtually any description, and in return we will attempt to rein in our multitudinous personality disorders and deliver wonders and joys beyond compare. At least that's the plan. View all posts by bibliodeviant

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