Book Sizes Redux, Redux.

Every now and then it is forcibly brought home to me that people actually read this blog…and I’m not just doing the amateur journalistic equivalent of singing in the shower. On that note, and in order to avoid any loss of sanity in my audience…I blog fully clothed…mostly.

So I got a message from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (via the awesome Patti Weintraub…awesome I tell you!) regarding this:


and this:

They were shocked, appalled and disappointed (which initially meant I thought they were all people I had dated at some point…but no) at the shameful and unforgivable omission of that Death Star of book dimensions: The Double Elephant Folio!

Well, you don’t see many of those…I thought.

Then they mentioned the word Audubon.

I made one of those inadvisable noises that always seem to creep up on you when you’re talking to someone you secretly find really attractive, and you forget how any of the safety valves anywhere on your body work. Or that might just be me.

Then they sent me this, as if their claim of my negligence needed any further back up:

Only in the miniscule tunnels beneath the CMNH can you find women so tiny!

Only in the miniscule tunnels beneath the CMNH can you find women so tiny!

So there you go: Audubon: 1  Bibliodeviant: Nil


Also edited to correct my idiotic spelling of Audubon! Thanks to Simon Beattie for that catch.


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2 responses to “Book Sizes Redux, Redux.

  • Lowry-James Rare Prints & Books

    Hey Bud, Hope you know you’re the Rock Star of bloggers- dare I say our Mick-so of course you have sweet young things devouring your every word… Just one to correct before they catch it. It’s Audubon not audobon. 😘 Miss you and LN. 💚P

    Sent from my iPhone

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