Theft of Centuries-Old Texts from the Girolamini Library

Read and inwardly digest…


Reading like something from a Borges text, the New York Times has reported on a the theft of thousands of volumes from the Girolamini Library in Naples by the former director, Marino Massimo De Caro. In fact, De Caro quoted Borges’s Ficciones during his trial in what history may prove to be the very first defense by way of deconstruction, but that’s for another blog post.

The larger issue is the loss of cultural (and global) heritage that we see in this theft. The stolen texts include copies of Galileo, Machiavelli, Descartes, and much, much more. And, as the article observes, many of the volumes have been sold off to dealers from around the world, likely to never be returned to their institutional home. One need only read about the thefts that occurred at the hands of Daniel Spiegelman and Forbes Smiley to understand the far reaching impact of such…

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