Peter Sabor at CECS

CECS Coffeehouse

CECS Research Seminar 28 January 2014

 Professor Peter Sabor (McGill)

‘Additional Letters of Frances Burney, 1791-1840’

  On Tuesday 28 January, CECS was delighted to welcome Professor Peter Sabor, Director of the Burney Centre at McGill University, to our research seminar series. Peter was speaking about his experiences editing the Additional Letters of Frances Burney, 1791-1840. The publication of this volume, the twenty-fifth in an edition which has taken over forty years to complete, will mean every extant piece of correspondence written by the novelist, dramatist and diarist Frances Burney will finally be available to scholars and the public.

Peter began by giving us an overview of the corpus of extant Burney correspondence, and the history of its published editions. Over 10,000 manuscript pages of letters and journals survive written by Burney, as well as many thousands more addressed to her. Nineteenth and early-twentieth century editions of this correspondence…

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