Monstrous Craws, at a New Coalition Feast…

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James Gillray, Monstrous Craws, at a New Coalition Feast, Published by S.W. Fores 29th May 1787

If the exit polls in today’s general election are anything to go by then the title of this print by James Gillray is likely to be a prophetic summary of the state of British politics in the week ahead. Of course the image itself was never intended as a satire on parliamentary coalitions; these were thoroughly commonplace affairs in the eighteenth-century, with all governments being coalitions of different factions held together by a combination of patronage (read: bribery), ideology, tradition, family connections and good old self-interest. The term coalition is used here to refer refer to the brief reconciliation between the King and Queen and the Prince of Wales which took place in the spring of 1787, after the Prince agreed to denounce his secret marriage to Maria Fitzherbert in exchange for a…

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