What to Read if You Like Star Wars: 5 Books to Explore

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Sometimes I get a caught in my enthusiasms. I find a theme, or a genre, and I run with it. There was that time when I was reading every book about Istanbul-Constantinople I could find, or when I lived in various post-apocalyptic universes. Many of you understand this. If the Internet is any indication (a frightening phrase), many of you are experiencing this right now with Star Wars.

That’s excellent. Really. I get it. We all have our obsessions. And, wow, books are a pretty place to live out our obsessions. So when someone asks me for a book recommendation, my first response is always: “What do you like?”

Not every book works for every person. If I have a basis from which to work, an idea of what you like, then we can talk. In this case, you like Star Wars, and you want to read something you know you’ll…

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