About Us: Jonathan Kearns Rare Books & Curiosities.

All good things must come to an end, and apparently jobs are no exception. This blog is no longer affiliated or approved by Adrian Harrington Rare Books (who have relocated, minus a couple of employees, to a beautiful new shop in Tunbridge Wells.

This is now the blog of Jonathan Kearns Rare Books & Curiosities; a ramshackle, jury rigged and probably barely seaworthy collection of all things bookish and wondrous. A newly fledged associate member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association  and a Co-Director of the fabled York Antiquarian Book Seminar, it should be no trouble at all for a man with my skills and abilities to, well, sell books…mainly because that is the sum total of my skills and abilities. I also mix a very refreshing gin and tonic, make quite nice omelettes and am reliably informed that my chilli con carne is perfectly acceptable.

I’ve been in the rare book trade for the best part of twenty years, and believe me, it is woefully apparent in the general state of my physiology and wardrobe. It is also however the only place I have ever felt at home and as if all that reading might actually come in useful. The best jobs are the ones where you arrive every morning thinking you knew something, and leave every evening realising that you didn’t but that there’s a whole ton of other stuff that you know now. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. As always, any questions will be answered, advice freely given, pointers pointed, recommendations recommended and anything else that might be required. Feel free to contact me here: Jonathan Kearns


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