Is it enough to have some love? Small enough to slip inside a book?

Right, well, this is going to be partially embarrassing, but I haven’t written up my world beating post on the Olympia Book Fair yet and the luminous Mr. Daniel Northwood did this! Then said I could show other people! Which could be a bad thing.

I said many things over the hour I was filmed. These believe it or not are the sensible ones.

I now need gin.

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5 responses to “Is it enough to have some love? Small enough to slip inside a book?

  • Chris Lowenstein

    I saw this video on the Book Patrol blog last week and loved it. Well done!

  • Queen of the Mermaids

    Lovely title Mr. Kearns. I’m so proud of you.

  • broadsideblog

    This is magical. The notion of a crowd of people shouting quayside to know if Little Nell died. Amazing! I love the description of a book as the transmission from one generation to the next….if only more people did read books that were 40 , 60 or 160 years old.

    • bibliodeviant

      It’s great isn’t it? When Doyle killed Sherlock Holmes the young men of London wore mourning bands and picketed the Strand offices in protest (Occupy The Strand!). My hope, partly borne out through feedback, is that as a result of the dreaded e-book people are reading a lot more “old” literature, it’s easier to pick up Bleak House or Pride and Prejudice for free on an e-reader than it is to find a bookshop and spend 1.99 on a cheap, unattractive paperback. I have a number of quite young people (in comparison to myself) who actively collect 19th century lit as a result of great fondness and familiarity with it. Frequently with more familiarity than me! I think what we have to do is re-kindle (oh dear) the curiosity regarding these bygone times and the immersion in their respective literatures will follow…the Steampunk movement is a good example; people barely into their twenties seeking to immerse themselves in the more crazed and demented bits of Victoriana naturally leads on to them wanting to know more and more about the period. Also, very much like your blog…

  • Simon Patterson

    Great piece guys. Enjoyed it.

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